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Merano - a marvellous place
Horst Ellmenreich

Horst Ellmenreich (Friend of the hotel and hiking guide)

Merano - a marvellous place


Oh, Merano in the southern part of the Alps starting at an altitude of 320mt. just to the summits over 3000mt. is a marvellous place for all mountaineers. But what if there happens to be a day that is struggling with a cold front and snow is falling till 1000mt? Are there some alternative offers?

This question occurred to me some days ago when I was having an early-morning swim in the indoor-pool of the Meranerhof. After a short reflection on some possibilities, I presented the following ideas to these two helpless guests of the hotel.

They may start by feet facing an easy walking distance to the extraordinary “BOTANICAL GARDEN OF TRAUTTMANSDORFF CASTLE”, where colorful plants from all around the world thrive and bloom in more than eighty garden landscapes nestled in an twelve-hectare amphitheatre.
During our briefing at the – front desk – they saw a leaflet showing the “greens of the Golf Course-LANA” to be reached within 15 minutes by car and so they instantly booked their afternoon-playtime through the concierge.
Finally, they also agreed on a massage, before dining, in the new “Meranerhof Beauty & More” located besides the indoor-pool.

As you can see,

The weather forecast for the following days predicted again perfect conditions for great walking tours in the mountains surrounding Merano.

Horst Ellmenreich

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