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Autumn-Beautiful time
Angelika Stuppner

Angelika Stuppner (A nice friend from the family)

Autumn-Beautiful time


It’s a lovely and sunny Sunday afternoon in autumn. I got nothing to do and so I’m spending my time walking along the Marlinger Waalweg. Looking at the beauty of the landscape surrounding me, my thoughts drift away and finally disappear from my mind. All my senses come to life and I am overwhelmed by the view I am enjoying. The late summer sun tickles my nose and I feel its soft heat on my body. A tender breath of wind makes my hair dance, strokes my face, and I absorb the lovely colours of autumn. As I look down the slope, red and yellow apples attract my attention and I am tempted to take a Fuji apple and chomp into its fresh and sweet pulp. This thought makes me wallow in my memories. Suddenly a picture of the apple strudel of the Meranerhof appears in my mind. In my imagination I chomp into a piece of it and its taste fulfils me with a great feeling. The pastry just fits perfectly with the stuffing consisting of seasonal apples from indigenous farmers and sweet raisins seasoned with lovely cinnamon and with a dash of rum. I can’t resist the temptation. Can you?

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