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My entry in the hotel - the third generation
Beatrix Eisenkeil

Beatrix Eisenkeil (Junior-hostess)

My entry in the hotel - the third generation


Some may wonder how I got to the hotel. Certainly, there are easier tasks or jobs than hotel life. Yes, but simple is not always the best, as you have certainly also often noticed.
My beginnings: Already as a small child I helped in the hotel with permanently my eyes open through the whole house. My mother Astrid told me that I was already very precise, and one day when I helped to iron in our laundry room I checked the dust with a finger, and said please clean better. Furthermore, I saw my grandmother Traudl as she worked energetically in the hotel (and still does it with proud 84 years). This inspired me a lot. Already during the middle school (starts after the elementary school) I felt a great interest, as soon as I am bigger, to enter in the hotel. Afterwards, I went to the Tourism and Hospitality school ”Savoy”, followed by the Hotel Management school ”Kaiserhof”. In the meantime, I often helped as waitress in our dining room. After completing school and successfully finishing my school-leaving exam, I decided together with my mother and grandmother to start to work immediately. Provided that during the seasonal closing of the hotel from the beginning of January to the middle of March I continue to take further education courses, look over the fence and gain valuable experience in other companies as well as through courses. I feel good/love to be at the Meranerhof and I see it as a great honor to follow in the footsteps of my grandmother. I look forward to my future and I’m always open for new things.
I am glad about your visit. =)

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