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Yes, it's December
Astrid Eisenkeil

Astrid Eisenkeil (Hostess)

Yes, it's December

Yes, it’s December… I find that’s incredible. The months go by so fast that they seem to be weeks. Friends confirmed me that they have the same impression.

Well, now we have the last month of the year. The lot of light decorations on the historic arcades of Merano and in many other streets and alleyways are the best testimonials, together with the smell of cinnamon and other spices from the Merano Christmas Market, which sometimes will reach also the MERANERHOF on the opposite site of the river in the centre of our city. Yes, Christmas is approaching…

On some occasion i look from a room in the upper floor to the numerous wood huts of the Merano Christmas Market along the enchanting Cure Promenade and I enjoy the sight of many lucky and contentedly people, walking around between the very lovely Christmas stalls or eating local specialities.
Not only children enjoy the splendour of lights, colours and odours, but also the adults get in the right mood of the near Christmas celebrations.

And in the MERANERHOF the mood has even become more reflective; the big Christmas tree has been delivered and amply decorated. Our guests enjoy visibly this atmosphere and radiate themselves a pleasant calmness. Now all is heading for the upcoming highlights: the Christmas Eve and at last the New Year’s Eve, when after the wonderful banquet from our kitchen staff the new year will be herald with dance and live music. Together with our team we will ensure that you will have an enjoying and pleasant stay in our hotel.

Yes, it’s December…. Let’s enjoy all together these wonderful time

                                                                                                             photos: IDM Southtyrol/Alex Filz

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