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My dream – it is comming true
Astrid Eisenkeil

Astrid Eisenkeil (Hostess)

My dream – it is comming true


How did you get to know the role of a hotel concierge? Our junior concierge Alex tells us about his passion:

There is a lot we forget as the years pass by, but I still remember the day I first came to the Classic Hotel Meranerhof. Looking back, I’d say that visiting this memorable place was a crucial experience to finally decide what to do with my life!

During my training at the Hotel Management School of Merano, the subject "reception and accommodation service" was taught, among others. At that time, in 2013 or 2014, we took a fieldtrip to the Meranerhof to be introduced to the role of the concierge. Peter Schroffenegger, who will certainly be a household name for many of our regular guests, familiarised us with the importance of the concierge in the hotel industry. During the lecture in the back of the bar, Mr. Peter told us about the tasks of a traditional concierge in a hotel, such as booking taxis, theatre tickets and organising restaurant reservations. These tasks are still among the simpler things. The concierge takes care of all wishes of the guests. A concierge is even happy to assist with the organisation of private jets. Peter told us some stories about his favourite and most peculiar requests all while always professionally respecting the privacy of the guests keeping them anonymous.

Before this little talk, I only knew this job from the description in our textbook.

However, thanks to Mr. Peter, we all became aware of the multifaceted field of activity of the concierge. Peter's stories and reports then made me enthusiastic about it. When I left the hotel, I knew exactly what I wanted to do once I had finished school: becoming a concierge!

My former professor for reception service made it possible for me to look over Mr. Peter's shoulder from time to time after school. Those afternoons with Peter at the reception are still vivid in my memory/mind. With every step I could follow Peter through his daily business, I became more and more sure, that my passion for this job turned into a dream that I wanted to come true!

After a small detour, I came back to the Meranerhof in 2018, where I could work with real "Clefs d'Or" concierges for the first time. Since my first year at the hotel, my enthusiasm for this profession has been growing steadily. Today, I can hardly wait to be accepted into the international association of hotel concierges. I will continue to pursue this goal with great commitment. In about a year, I will have the opportunity to submit my application for admission to the international association. And I cannot await that day!

Thank you very much for your attention and of course I hope that you like my story. I am already looking forward to welcoming you soon in our beautiful Classic Hotel Meranerhof, as the 3rd concierge in the hotel.

See you soon

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