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Easter custom
Beatrix Eisenkeil

Beatrix Eisenkeil (Junior-hostess)

Easter custom "Eierpecken"

South Tyrol is rich in customs and traditions, of course also at Easter.
This year we have had the fun of picking out an Easter custom for you. 

Do you know already this typical South Tyrolean Easter game?

You’ll see it`s funny 😉 the whole family can participate.
But how does it work?
Well, the rules are easy. What you need is just a hard-boiled egg and a little luck.
Every player is armed with a hard-boiled, colourfully painted egg in the hand, then the opponents face each other. The opponent's egg get hitted alternately with the pointed side. Whose egg remains intact is the winner of the traditional "Eierpecken".

Do you want a tip how to win? Hihi, it's more likely that luck will decide who wins.
And the best, it`s really funny. 

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