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The all-rounders!

Boris (Marketing / Reception)

The all-rounders!

Our caretakers "Massimo" and "Hmida" give us a glimpse behind the scenes. 

 It's becoming a sunny day and summer temperatures are expected. It's 06.30 AM and Massimo is already on duty. He switches the lights on throughout the hotel, the entrance area it's getting cleaned and the hoover breaks the silence of the night hours, like the cock on the farm. The always friendly morning greeting and a funny joke are never missing with Massimo, the day starts with a smile. Time to dawdle is rare, however, as the first guests are soon expected for breakfast everything has to be already in perfect order. Now he opens the swimming pool door and checks the water values. So the guests can start to do their morning sports in the pleasant water. In the meantime, Massimo has already slipped into the figure of the gardener. With the birds chirping as background music, he quickly removes the traces of the night and puts the sun loungers in order. Then cover them with the cushions and towels, so everything is prepared for a pleasant rest in the sun. 

Shortly afterwards, our second diligent helper, Hmida, starts his work and assists Massimo with the various tasks. The caretaker team is made up of only two people, and yet these two are responsible for one of the most extensive work areas in the house

After a short briefing, Hmida can start his shift well informed and prepared. The two know the word flexibility only too well, because the phone could ring at any time and the colleagues from reception would give them a special task at short notice. While Massimo is still busy tending the garden, Hmida takes care of getting the reserved electric bikes ready for the guests. Immediately afterwards, the parking spaces in front of and behind the house are swept and checked for cleanliness so that the beloved cars can park there with pleasure. 

The phone rings and Hmida is called to assist with the luggage of a departing guest. The luggage trolley floats down the hall and quickly disappears into the lift, up towards the guest room. The phone rings again, now it's Massimo's turn. A burnt-out light bulb has been reported by the ladies on the floors and needs to be changed. As soon as it has been changed both caretakers are called for the next departures. Massimo and Hmida visibly enjoy their work, are happy to assist our guests and make them happy. 

After the room fairies have finished cleaning the departures it is time for the caretaker to take over the vacuuming of this rooms. In the late morning, Massimo has now merited a rest until early afternoon. In the meantime, Hmida holds down the fort and supports the various areas with his talents and availability. 

The first guests already check in in the early afternoon and Hmida handles the luggage transport in coordination with the reception. The phone rings again - a room change is due. Immediately, the luggage trolley rolls almost silently from one room to the other. Friendly words and a smile (behind the mask) accompany the luggage service. 

Massimo returns from his short break, gets a quick briefing from Hmida on the latest news/events, so Hmida could finish his shift for this day. Massimo, now again full of energy, takes over the remaining tasks with a smiling face behind the mask. 

After all the guests have arrived and the evening has already started, Massimo makes various inspections on the room floors, cleans the floor in the swimming pool and looks after the sauna area. Shortly before the end of the shift the wellness area is locked, the bicycles are checked and the hotel lighting is set to the evening mood. Now the calm returns to the hotel. 

 Time for Massimo to finish work, hand in the master keys at reception and say goodbye. 

The next day it starts all over again.> New guests.> New tasks. 

 Another exciting day is waiting for the caretaker duo. Every day is different. It is and remains adventurous.  

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