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Autumn holidays in Merano
Beatrix Waldner-Eisenkeil

Beatrix Waldner-Eisenkeil (Junior-hostess)

Autumn holidays in Merano


What wonderful colours  / a beautiful colourness in Merano surroundings. Autumn officially announced its beginning.

Summer is over and you didn't have time for a holiday in Merano? So it’s your chance now! Autumn is anyway the better choice for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Merano - even if it's just a short weekend trip.

We briefly summarise what you should experience in Merano in autumn!

Walking & strolling

The hot temperatures change to more pleasant ones, nature turns to various shades of gold and short summer clothes become elegant autumn dresses (you certainly have just seen one or two fashion trends of this year's autumn😉).

city stroll under the Arcades of Merano and through the Historic Town is highly recommended at this time of the year. The autumn sun on one of Merano's promenades is an invitation to take a stroll.

From the Tappeiner Promenade to the Lagundo Waalweg path –  autumn has a lot of beautiful walks to offer.

On the trail of the chestnut

Chestnuts or "Keschtn", as they say in South Tyrol, have always been an essential part of the South Tyrolean cuisine. It is impossible to imagine autumn without them - Törggelen, roasted chestnuts or ideal as a snack, in all their forms and varieties.

What is your favourite chestnut dish?

Bad weather. What can we do?

If the weather in Merano, despite its 300 days of sunshine a year, should overlap exactly with your holiday dates, there's no need to worry - bad weather is, after all, an opportunity to discover the Merano region from a whole new side!

From wellness breaks to the most interesting museums, we have a lot to offer.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Merano!

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