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A nice story - my 20 years at the Meranerhof with family Eisenkeil

Elisabeth (Chef de Reception / chief receptionist)

A nice story - my 20 years at the Meranerhof with family Eisenkeil


It began 20 years ago...

Is it really so long ago? I feel honoured to tell you about it, of course about what is essential and most important for me. At the closing ceremony at the end of the season in January, I was honoured for 20 years of being member of the staff. It seems like yesterday. The first meeting with the charming Mrs. Astrid and with her charismatic mother, Mrs. Traudl Eisenkeil, with my new colleagues Mr. Peter Schroffenegger, concierge with heart and soul and Mr. Peter Pichler, loyal employee for many years as experienced chef receptionist, my valued mentors together with Mrs. Astrid. They welcomed me warmly and with open arms. I was already living in Merano. I had applied to several nominated hotels in Merano. The decision was finally made in favour of the Classic Hotel Meranerhof and Ms Astrid, in favour of me. Let's just say the chemistry was right. As it turns out, a very good decision. I was fascinated by the exciting, lively, varied hotel business, by the international guests, by the special, magical and mysterious aura of the Meranerhof' s with its old walls (with many hidden, untold stories and episodes), the individually furnished rooms, the beautiful garden. I was able to practise my language skills, to prove my talents, thanks a respectful support and guidance of Mrs. Astrid and both Peters. Varied and never boring or mundane. Much has changed in these last 20 years, apart from the inevitable progress of technology, digitalisation, the easier and faster handling of procedures. In the meantime, Beatrix, Mrs Astrid's daughter (whom I met as a girl of primary school age) has joined the business as the third generation. How many can say they are part of a third-generation business? I am grateful and full of appreciation for the many acquaintances, new and dear friends and the countless encounters with different, interesting, fascinating people, whether guests or colleagues. Unfortunately, many of them are already gone. A coming and a going. That's (hotel) life. I experienced many beautiful, unforgettable, funny as well as sad, moving and tragic moments. This 20-year "relationship" has shaped my life very much. I have grown with it and gained more life experience. These 20 years are an important and fulfilling part of my existence, my personal school of life. In the meantime, I am the mother of a wonderful almost 9-year-old son, to whom I devote most of my time, and the owner of a lively dog. I do my job as chef receptionist 70% of the time, but still with 100% with my heart and loyalty. I feel like part of a big family, a deep-rooted tree with many strong branches and twigs that keeps growing, withstands storms, thunderstorms and cold and enjoys the warmth, light, sun, water, stores it and finally blossoms in all its glory.Another 20 years? Who knows... I look to the future with joy and excitement.

Best wishes and see you soon.

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