You can bet on it - the horse racing track in Merano

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in human history. Archaeological finds confirm horse racing in ancient Greece, as well as in Egypt and Babylon. In ancient Rome, this sport even represented an important economic sector. To this day, Italian horse breeding is globally recognized and enjoys high prestige.

A significant showcase of this ancient tradition is located not far from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof, in Mais. The horse racing track is the hub of the Central European horse racing scene and hosts 90 race days with over 140 races each year from May to October. The Classic Hotel Meranerhof is a partner hotel and supports numerous events and races.

Tribüne vom Pferderennplatz in Meran
Tribüne vom Pferderennplatz in Meran
Tribüne vom Pferderennplatz in Meran

Horse racing in Merano

The horse racing track in Merano is known for its flat and hurdle courses, which are among the most challenging in Europe. In particular, steeplechase and hurdle races take place here, but it is also a meeting point for the elite of amateur riders seeking international competition. In recent years, flat races for professional jockeys have also gained significance, not least due to the favourable climate and good conditions on the turf.

Even for non-experts, a horse race is a unique experience. It becomes even more interesting when you place a bet. In horse racing, there are several types of bets that you can learn about on-site. It's an ideal way to get a taste of this fascinating sport.


In addition to horse racing, the Hippodrome in Merano hosts concerts and events featuring artists from around the world. The Maia Music Festival turns the horse racing track into a stage: Austrian band WANDA and the Italian trio IL VOLO have already performed here.