The centrally located Classic Hotel Meranerhof is the ideal starting point for immersing yourself in Merano's exciting nightlife. There are many possibilities to party, dance and rock until the early hours of the morning. You just have to know the right locations. From relaxed evenings with a quiet atmosphere to dance clubs, pubs and bars - Merano offers a wide range of options for enjoying the night.

Experience unforgettable evenings and discover the many facets of the Alpine-Mediterranean spa town by night.

Nightlife in Merano - and the evening begins!

Merano - a vibrant city, both during the day and in the evening! Warm summer evenings are enhanced by atmospheric events and interesting happenings, while winter is characterized by the famous “Merano Christmas Market” The numerous restaurants and bars invite you to enjoy a delicious aperitivo or a refreshing cocktail, contributing to the unique atmosphere of this city. With its central location in the heart of Merano, the Classic Hotel Meranerhof is perfect for exploring Merano's nightlife and spending unforgettable evenings!

For every taste

Merano captivates, especially with its diversity, and this holds true for nightlife as well. Establishments of all kinds line up, from upscale wine bars to lively dance halls and cozy pubs. The heart of Merano's nightlife is the arcades: outdoor terraces attract numerous people, combining the contemporary atmosphere of the venues with the splendid buildings of downtown Merano. This creates a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for a chat with friends or a romantic evening for two. However, the surrounding area also offers space for lively evenings - clubs and dance halls for every age group are easily accessible on foot or by taxi from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof.

The Bar-Muda Triangle of Merano

The Sandplatz square near the Passer promenade has a particularly high concentration of bars. The Rossini cocktail bar is a classic in Merano's nightlife, as are Bar Piccolo and Culti’s Bistro and Café. The venue Why not? stands out especially for its modern interior and poses the legitimate question: Why not?

Our insider recommendation? The new cocktail bar Gigi’s, right across from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof, mixes the best cocktails in the city!

Dance clubs in Merano and surroundings

For those who don't want to end their evening just at the bar, Merano and its surroundings offer several options. The Rafflkeller in the Merano arcades provides a spacious dance floor with various bars. The eye-catcher? The historic vaults under which the dance floor is located - a successful contrast between the present and history. Just a few kilometres from Merano, in Marling, is the Musikantenstadl, South Tyrol's most famous dance paradise and fox locale. Here, the mix of hit songs and evergreens creates a lively atmosphere.