Experience the rich culture and impressive art scene of the spa town. From historic buildings to modern galleries and numerous festivals - Merano offers something special for everyone interested in art and culture. Discover the diversity around our city hotel and be inspired by the creativity of this charming town.

Spa town Merano - the cultural stronghold of South Tyrol

Merano - melting pot of cultures. Here, north meets south, Italian flair meets imperial charm. It is perhaps this unique mix that makes the former spa town the cultural center of the region.

Art from South Tyrol and the world

The convergence of two cultures is also manifested in the South Tyrolean art scene. Numerous museums and exhibitions not only provide insight into local craftsmanship but also offer a stage for international artists.

The year-round exhibition 'Kunst Meran' in the Merano arcades showcases changing exhibitions on artistic positions in visual arts, architecture, literature, music, and photography.

At the Women's Museum, visitors can learn more about the historical development of the role of women in the Alps, while the Jewish Museum impressively processes the history of the Jewish population in Merano.

Castle Tyrol and Castle Rametz evoke a princely atmosphere, the imposing Kurhaus symbolizes imperial times. In short, art lovers will certainly get their money's worth in Merano - and from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof, all cultural attractions can be easily explored.

Experience culture up close

Those who want to experience culture up close will be thrilled in Merano. Special exhibitions, changing art installations, as well as countless art and music festivals enchant visitors and provide diverse experiences throughout the year.

AsfaltArt is probably the most colorful art festival with street artists from around the world.

The WineFestival is dedicated to the art of enjoyment, the Music Weeks bring impressive sounds, and the Grape Festival focuses on traditional customs.

In addition, during the summer months, international artists perform concerts in the most beautiful locations of the city: at Thermenplatz square, in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, and at the horse racing track.