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Via Alessandro Manzoni 1 . I - 39012 Merano Alto Adige
F +39 0473 233312 .
. VAT-ID IT00395660210

Garden -  4 S Wellnesshotel Meranerhof Merano

Experience Nature at its Purest

Palm trees, beautiful shrubs and flowers fill our garden with many shades of green. Admire the spectacular beauty of nature right in front of your eyes with the view of the South Tyrolean mountain ranges, such as the Mutspitze, Tschigat and Hirzer. Absorb nature in its full spectrum, from sunrise to sunset. The best stories are the ones written by Mother Nature herself.

Unwind with a good book while sunbathing on our lush lawn, while sipping afternoon coffee in an ambiance of beautiful green plants and wonderfully aromatic flowers. Allow yourself to be carried away in the romantic moonlit atmosphere by night.

The feelings of comfort and wellbeing come together and create an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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