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Pragser Wildsee in Südtirol

Discovering South Tyrol and Trentino

With its unique location in the heart of Merano, the Classic Hotel Meranerhof is the perfect starting point for an eventful day trip. From here you can reach South Tyrol's most spectacular sights - from Lake Resia in the far north to Lake Garda in the south of the country. In addition to scenic highlights, South Tyrol offers numerous cities, towns and villages whose history dates back hundreds of years. Glurns, for example, is the smallest town in Europe. Go on a discovery tour through South Tyrol and Trentino and collect authentic holiday experiences that you will remember with pleasure.

Lake Garda

Dolce Vita in the middle of the mountains - that's what Lake Garda is all about. Riva, Sirmione, Limone - the sleepy fishing villages exude a very special charm and are always worth a visit. The villages around the north shore of Lake Garda invite you to stroll and wander. The culinary tip: delicious spaghetti with fresh fish!

Lake Resia

Only the proud tower rises out of the water, the rest of the former village of Graun has sunk - pure goosebumps! In winter the lake can be used for ice skating, in summer it is perfect for a circular walk. The lakeshore is popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists and Nordic walkers, while the lake itself is a mecca for kite surfers with optimal wind conditions. 

The Dolomites

The dream of every hiking enthusiast - not for nothing have the Dolomites been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2009. A mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps that was formed more than 200 million years ago. Their incomparable nature and their geological and geomorphological significance have been classified as unique in the world.

Cities in South Tyrol

In addition to the spa town of Merano, South Tyrol offers several other towns that tell their own stories. Bolzano as the provincial capital, Sterzing with the imposing Zwölferturm, Brixen and its cathedral, Glurns and the ancient city walls - each city a little experience. Further south, Trento with its palazzi, monuments and castles offers a multitude of ways to experience the city.


The lagoon city is the capital of the Veneto region and undisputedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is why it was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as early as 1987. The old town, with its houses and palazzi largely built on wooden stilts, lies on over a hundred islands in a lagoon, criss-crossed with countless canals. The lagoon city is a three-hour drive from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof.

Lake Carezza

Also called "Rainbow Lake" because of its impressive colours, Lake Carezza is a jewel of the Dolomites. The 300 m long and 130 m wide lake is fed by underground springs of the Latemar group. In photos it literally shines in its unique turquoise hue and in real life even more so. From the Classic Hotel Meranerhof you can reach the car park of the Karersee in an hour by car, from there it is still a short walk to the stunning lake.

Pragser Wildsee Lake

The Pragser Wildsee Lake, formed a long time ago by a mudslide, lies at almost 1,500 m above sea level in the beautiful Pragser Valley. It is also called the "Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes" and is uniquely situated in the middle of the Braies Dolomites. In summer, the Pragser Wildsee reflects all shades of colour from green to blue; in winter, the well-known Wildsee is covered with layers of ice and snow. In winter as well as in summer, this natural highlight is the starting point for hikes, ski tours and much more. It takes about two hours by car to get there from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof.

Shoppingtour in Innsbruck

The capital of the province of Tyrol. The major Austrian city is always associated with shopping. Large department stores, local and international shops as far as the eye can see. It only takes two hours by car to get from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof to Innsbruck.

Museum of Oetzi

Oetzi, the Iceman, is one of the oldest mummies in the world and is estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Probably the most famous South Tyrolean can be seen in the Bolzano Archaeology Museum. It is located opposite the Bolzano City Museum in Museumstraße, at the beginning of the pedestrian zone. It can be reached by car in about 40 minutes from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof. Alternatively, it can also be reached by public transport, with a correspondingly longer time calculation.

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