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Wellness Town of Merano - Meranerhof Hotel South Tyrol

Fascinating Merano

Merano is captivating for every visitor. Numerous artists and poets have fallen under the spell of Spa town Merano. It is a place of excitement, inspiration and creativity. The Empress Elizabeth, Franz Kafka, Richard Strauss and Rainer Maria Rilke all found themselves fascinated by the atmosphere of the city.

So how exactly has Merano earned the title of Spa town of the Alpine region? It is simple! It embodies prominent guests, blooming fragrances along the promenades and gardens, mild climate, South Tyrolean mountain scenery, buildings, mansions, museums and art.


Strolling and shopping along the medieval avenue Laubengasse (arcades), alongside the St. Nicholas Church and the numerous streets of the old city quarter, Steinach. The city’s Stadttheater (theatre) features beautiful Stucco and gold-leaf elements. Absolute highlights are the Kurhaus with its elegant Kursaal, and the Pavillon des Fleurs – magnificent, majestic and gracious.


The Meraner city museum is the oldest museum in South Tyrol. It presents the history of Merano in authentic exhibits ranging from early history to modern art. Special exhibits such as an Egyptian Mummy, collection of Sudanese weapons and a death mask of Napoleon add to every visitor’s excitement.


This is a gathering place for the art scene, where friends of contemporary and avant-garde art come together. Merano arte combines the idea of a gallery and a museum in one unified concept. It continuously offers exhibitions, seminars, concerts and workshops.


This museum is dedicated to reflecting the role of women in 19th and 20th century society. It presents unique and realistic moments in time, featuring clothing, accessories, books, documents and everyday objects of women through the years.


Trauttmansdorff Castle is surrounded by over 80 beautifully landscaped gardens with plants from all over the world, and is also home to the regional museum of tourism, the Touriseum, since 2003. Two spectacular reasons to visit the impressive Trauttmansdorff Castle.


For 80 years the horse racing track has attracted visitors from all over. The building of this famous track is itself part of Merano’s history. The events held there add a touch of elegance to the Spa town. Help cheer on the yearly Grand Prix event in Merano!

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