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Die mediterrane Kurstadt Meran in Südtirol.

10 Highlights in Merano

Sports enthusiasts, culture lovers or gourmets - Merano and its surroundings offer just the right thing for every holiday taste. Follow in the footsteps of Empress Sissi and discover all that the former spa town in the heart of South Tyrol has to offer! Below you will find all the highlights in and around Merano at a glance. And the best thing is: most of them can easily be reached on foot from the Classic Hotel Meranerhof!


The impressive gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle extend over 12 hectares, in the form of a natural amphitheatre over a height difference of about 100 metres. Accordingly, there is much to marvel at: 80 different garden landscapes with plants from all over the world create a colourful landscape that you must not miss during a visit to Merano. Experience stations, art pavilions and themed areas break up the tour of the gardens and provide interesting background knowledge. From April to mid-September the gardens are in full bloom! The gardens can be visited until 15 November.



The Tappeiner Promenade leads from the town centre along the slopes of the Küchelberg and is without doubt Merano's most famous walk. It can be traced back to the spa doctor Franz Tappeiner, who had the path created out of his passion for botany. The abundance of plants has been preserved to this day: The edge of the path is adorned with pines, Himalayan cedars, cork oaks, olive trees, eucalyptus, magnolias, agaves, cacti and much more. Due to its few inclines, the Tappeiner Promenade is ideally suited for long walks and is particularly popular with families with prams.

3. MERANO 2000

Merano 2000, also called the "sun terrace of Merano", is a popular destination for visitors to Merano in winter and summer. The skiing and hiking area can be reached by South Tyrol's largest cable car and offers a wide range of activities. From perfectly groomed ski slopes and cross-country ski trails, hiking trails to alpine bobsleigh, athletes' hearts beat faster here! Merano 2000 is also dotted with numerous huts and alpine pastures that offer South Tyrolean specialities.

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A market for gourmets! From March to mid-October, the Merano farmers' market takes place every Saturday morning. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms, typical products such as bacon, cheese, bread, wine and jams are offered, and South Tyrolean handicrafts can also be purchased. The focus is on the exchange between producers and buyers - regional, seasonal and fresh is the motto.

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The Kurpromenade stretches from the Postbrücke (post bridge) to the Theaterbrücke (theatre bridge),  directly in front of the Classic Hotel Meranerhof, along the Passer river and then merges into the Passerpromenade. Nowhere else in Merano is the Mediterranean flair as palpable as on the Kurpromenade: bars and cafés are lined up next to each other, where people meet for a cultivated chat and a refreshing aperitivo. The city gardening department creates an impressive image with flower beds, trees and small works of art. This is changed several times a year and follows different themes, so there is always something new to discover.


Since 2005, the new Therme Merano, right next to the Classic Hotel Meranerhof, has been delighting wellness lovers from all over the world. There are 15 pools, 8 saunas, steam baths, fitness rooms and shops on more than 7,650 m². The outdoor area with the over 52,000 m² thermal park is also open in summer and has 10 more outdoor pools. The water in the thermal baths contains the active ingredient radon, which is used in numerous therapies. The vapours have a calming effect on the mucous membranes and clear the airways. This was already known beyond the borders decades ago - Empress Sissi, Rainer Maria Rilke and Franz Kafka are among the most famous visitors to the spa.  

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The horse racing course in Merano was opened in 1935 - and is still one of the most important meeting places for Central European racing teams. The turf season runs from May to October, during which time about 20 racing days with 140 races are held, mostly on Sundays and public holidays. Ideal to get a taste of horse racing and place your first bet. In addition, numerous concerts with international artists take place in the summer. 


The heart of the former spa town. It is worth taking a closer look here: Some of the magnificent mansions date far back to the 14th century and are littered with architectural details and flourishes. Today, modern shops and boutiques find their place in them, and numerous bars and restaurants also offer the opportunity to have a refreshing drink or a delicious meal. The Merano Arcades can be reached on foot in 5 minutes.



Trauttmansdorff Castle, the former holiday palace of Empress "Sissi" Elisabeth, is now home to the first museum to focus intensively on tourism in South Tyrol and the Alpine region. It is anything but a dusty museum with long-winded texts: More than 200 years of Alpine tourism history are presented in a playful way, in the form of mechanical theatres, detailed models, films, sounds and relics from days gone by. In 2006, the Touriseum was even nominated for the European Museum Award. 


The old keep directly above the parish church reveals the most beautiful view over Merano! Following the Tappeinerweg, the Powder Tower awaits at the end, near Gratsch. It owes its name to the fact that the city fathers of Merano had gunpowder stored in this keep of Ortenstein Castle out of concern for their stocks. Today, the tower is a popular viewing platform: the modern staircase quickly takes you to the top, from where you have a clear view of the entire Merano region.

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